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We protect human life through legislative action around the world. We have already helped defund over $850 million from pro-abortion organizations.


We educate people about the value of every person. Our 50 educational videos have to date reached over 7.6 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

Take the fight to the UN

Our latest petition will go to the UN Human Rights Committee and make our message loud and clear: Abortion is NOT a Human Right! We want this message to reach thousands around the world.

Cardinal Raymond Burke

“. . . the Population Research Institute is providing an essential service to the Gospel of Life . . . (PRI) is well-respected for its investigations, also among lawmakers and policymakers, and continues to expand its important research throughout the world.”

Cardinal Arinze

“God bless you and the Population Research Institute for your good work of informing people correctly, so that they see that population increase is not a primary cause of underdevelopment ... and that no country should impose on another, more so when it is a question of morally unacceptable practices.”

Representative Chris Smith

“One of my proudest moments in Congress was leading the fight to strip the International Planned Parenthood Federation of $195 million of U.S. taxpayer funding—and it was Steve Mosher of PRI who provided the facts and research for that monumental pro-life victory. Pro-lifers in Congress simply could not have handed such a crushing defeat to the International Planned Parenthood Federation without the research provided by Steve Mosher and the Population Research Institute.”

Alice von Hildebrand

“I have totally supported the crucial pro-life work of the Population Research Institute since it was founded by my dear friend, Father Paul Marx. And now, as president of PRI, Steve Mosher is faithfully and successfully following the pro-life strategies established by Father Marx for PRI. Without hesitation, I urge you to join me in actively supporting the vital pro-life work of the Population Research Institute.”

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

Former Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN

“...the work [of PRI] is timely and important. Such investigative research and its results can assist ... this Mission in promoting authentic Christian and human values.”

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