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Topics: fertility decline

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The Japanese Pregnancy Rotation System

For working women in Western societies, sometimes getting ahead means you may have to put off having the baby that you wanted to have for a few years. But in countries like Japan, where population shrinkage has created labor shortages, it is an unwritten rule in jobs which predominantly employ young women that they ought to take turns when conceiving, creating what some have called a de facto “pregnancy rota.” A recent story from Agence …

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Japanese Government Says Shrinking Population is the “Biggest Challenge” for Economic Growth

For decades, population growth in Japan has been below replacement. Demographers have long warned that the country’s low birth rate and low immigration are unsustainable. In recent years, the population has now begun to shrink and the country’s demographic decline has become a considerable obstacle to economic growth. Many Japanese have now come to realize the seriousness of the situation. Following a decisive election victory for his party over the weekend, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo …

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Philippines: “No” to Population Control, “Yes” to Authentic Development—Part II

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to “champion contraception…to reduce poverty by 25 percent in six years.” “I only want three children for every family,” he stated publicly, “I’m a Christian, but I’m a realist so we have to do something with our overpopulation.” Having promoted, as former mayor of Davao, sexual “education,” free contraception and free access to tubal ligation, Duterte now says that “a more aggressive approach” is necessary because “our resources cannot …

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New Numbers, Same Old Song

What are the population controllers to do when birth rates keep falling? Why, put pressure on the demographers in their employ to fudge the numbers, of course.

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Population Control Evolved

For the past forty years, the United Nations has been beating the drums about “overpopulation.” One of their most successful propaganda and fundraising gambits of late has been “World Population Day.” Vol. 12/No. 18 It started as “Five Billion Day.” This was the day—July 11, 1989, to be exact—when the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) estimated that the world’s population would reach five billion. With one voice, the U.N. Population Fund, the International Planned Parenthood …

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PRI Follows Up Overpopulation Cartoon with Second in Series

PRI has released the second in its series of short, humorous YouTube cartoons designed to refute the myth of overpopulation.  Click here to watch PRI’s hilarious new cartoon! Vol. 12/No. 5 PRI has released the second in its series of short, humorous YouTube cartoons designed to refute the myth of overpopulation.  Click here to watch PRI’s hilarious new cartoon! This short cartoon is the sequel to the cartoon released in the middle of last year …

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President’s Page: If It Weren’t For You Meddling Kids: Greens propose global one-child policy

Just when you thought that China-style population control, with its forced abortions and forced sterilizations, has been thoroughly discredited, along comes the Global Warming crowd to breathe new life into it. Groups from the U.K.’s Optimum Population Trust to the U.N. Population Fund are proposing rigorous population control programs to deal with the (imaginary) dangers of climate change. Diane Francis, of Canada’s National Post, would go even further: She wants a “planetary law” mandating a …

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Social Security to Go Belly Up Sooner: Contraception has Consequences

The widespread practice of contraception and abortion reduced U.S. fertility rates from 3.4 children per female in 1963 to 1.8 children per female by the mid 1970’s. I pointed out nearly 20 years ago that, with fewer workers paying into the system, and a huge number of boomers ready to retire, Social Security’s Ponzi-style financing scheme was not financially solvent in the long-run, (See my article on “Contracepting Social Security,” available at The passage …

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