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Publications: Press Releases

Catholic Relief Services Works in Family Planning “Just Like the Others”

MADAGASCAR — Catholic Relief Services of Madagascar (CRS-Madagascar) uses funding from American Catholics to distribute contraceptive and abortifacient drugs and devices, a Population Research Institute (PRI) investigation has confirmed, working in conjunction with some of the world’s biggest population control/family planning organizations. Steven Mosher, the President of PRI, said, “Our investigation documents a long-standing pattern of complicity and cooperation in such programs by CRS-Madagascar ranging from the actions of high-level administrators down to local employees …

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US State Department Acknowledges China’s Sex-Trade caused by their One-Child Policy: Says Nothing

(WASHINGTON DC) — June 20, 2013.  The US State Department yesterday released its yearly “Trafficking in Persons Report.” China received an automatic downgrade to the lowest ranking, Tier 3, for being a destination country for sex-trafficking. The State Department acknowledged the one-child policy as the “key source of demand” for sex-trafficking and forced prostitution within the country, but remained silent regarding the abolition of the harmful policy in its list of policy recommendations for China. …

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China Ratchets Up One-Child Policy; Ignores Calls to End Coercion

HUIZHOU, GUANGDONG, China, June 11, 2013–Recent reports from China show coercion in China’s infamous one-child policy is once again on the rise. Women in the southern city of Huizhou are being targeted for sterilization. Those who have once child are being forced to wear IUDs. Those who have two children are subject to tubal ligation. Those who bear an “illegal” child are being denied all government services. This means life without access to schools, hospitals, …

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The Morning After Pill (AKA Plan B) Available to Children

Front Royal, VA, 5/5/13 — U.S. Federal District Judge, Edward Korman, ruled today that the Morning After Pill must be sold over the counter to all comers. This means any 13-year-old girl will be able to buy Plan B, and no one, including her parents, need ever know. In his ruling, Korman ordered the FDA to remove the age restriction currently on the drug. If the FDA makes no appeal (and odds are the Obama …

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PRI President to Speak on Overpopulation at Georgetown Conference

Front Royal, VA, 1/23/13 – Steven Mosher is speaking this Saturday, January 26, at Georgetown University’s 14th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference for Life, “the nation’s largest student-run pro-life Conference.” As a part of the March for Life weekend events, Georgetown will bring together many of the top well-known leaders in the prolife movement. Mosher’s talk, entitled, “The Myth that Kills: Overpopulation as an Excuse for Genocide” takes a different angle at the issue of abortion. …

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Catholics Have Absolute Right to Health Privacy, Say PRI Experts at Patient Privacy Summit

FRONT ROYAL, VA, 6/11/12: — The recent 2nd International Patient Privacy Summit, held in Washington, DC on June 6-7, 2012, brought together leading experts in the field to discuss the issue of health privacy in America. Steve Mosher, President of PRI, who chaired a panel on “Cultural Perspectives on Religion and Privacy” at the event, pointed out that “Catholic Church teaching recognizes that individuals have an absolute right to own their own health records and …

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China Expert Describes Confucius Institutes as “Trojan Horses.”

Front Royal, VA, 03/28/12 — Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI) and a renowned China expert, will testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs today on the subject of the various “Confucius Institutes” being put in place all over the United States. These institutes, according to Mosher, represent a significant threat to U.S. national security and an attempt to enhance China’s “soft power” globally. “China’s so-called ‘Confucius Institutes,’” says Mosher, …

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New Cartoon on Medical Privacy by PRI

Front Royal, VA, 03/19/12 — The Population Research Institute (PRI) has released another short, humorous cartoon — this time explaining the issue of medical privacy, and some of the threats posed by electronic medical records. The video — available at — is a minute and a half long. In the snappy, humorous style that has come to define PRI’s cartoons, it explains how existing laws leave your medical records wide open to everyone from …

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