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Topics: Two-Child Policy

PRI Review (v30, n2) March/April

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Nearly 125 Indian Members of Parliament Back Petition to Introduce a Two-Child Policy

Nearly 125 lawmakers in India’s Parliament have signed a petition to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, calling for a nationwide two-child policy. Members of Parliament (MPs) who signed the petition have called for a law prohibiting Indian couples from having more than two children with stiff penalties for couples who exceed the proposed two-child limit.

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Mosher: China May End Two-Child Policy, But What Comes Next May Be Just as Bad

This article originally appeared on Breitbart It wasn’t so long ago that Chinese officials were bragging about the success of their population control program. When the Chinese Minister of Health, Gao Qiang, visited the U.S. in 2011, he proudly told a horrified group of U.S. Congressmen: “We have eliminated 400 million people from the population. We have eliminated more people than the entire population of the United States.” Now comes word that the Party is poised to …

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Forced Abortion Still Mandated Under China’s “Planned Birth” Laws

Women in China found pregnant with an over-quota child continue to face severe penalties, PRI has found. These penalties include, in many provinces, being forced to have an abortion. It has been nearly two years since the Chinese Government modified its planned birth policy. In December of 2015, the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee officially transitioned from a one-child policy with a two-child policy. Under the new policy, married couples are prohibited by …

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Proposal for a Two-Child Policy in Indian State Advances to the Legislative Assembly

A state in north-eastern India has moved one step closer to implementing a population control policy which would enact stiff penalties for government employees who have more than two children. The Indian state of Assam is considering a proposal to introduce a two-child policy for government employees. If adopted, the measure would make Assam the twelfth state to have enacted such a policy. The proposal was released by the Assam Health and Family Welfare …

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Forced Abortions in China Continue Despite Two-Child Policy

Many Westerners cheered when the Chinese Communist Party announced it was going to allow all Chinese couples a second child. They quite naturally assumed that this meant an across-the-board relaxation of a policy that had caused tremendous suffering among the Chinese people. I was not convinced. There is often a striking distance between Beijing’s policy pronouncements and the harsh reality on the ground. In fact, not long ago I testified before Congress that “Despite the …

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Chinese Mother Dies after Husband Demands a Son, Forces Her to Have Four Abortions

A woman from Anhui province in eastern China has died after her husband forced her to undergo four sex-selective abortions in a single year, according to reports from the Daily Mail, the South China Morning Post, and The woman, who goes by the name Yueyue, after giving birth to a daughter four years ago, was compelled to undergo abortion each time ultrasounds revealed she was carrying another girl. Yueyue’s husband was adamant that …

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PRI President Steven Mosher Speaks at Pro-Life Wisconsin

Today we bring you a presentation by PRI’s founder and president, Steven Mosher. In a recent address in Wisconsin, Mr. Mosher gave an eloquent and moving account of his conversion long ago, when he left behind a promising role as a secular social scientist at a prestigious American University to become a leader in the international fight for life and liberty of the most vulnerable in every society, especially the unborn. For many of you, …

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