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Research: PRI Investigations

Statement of Sra. Avelina Sanchez Nolberto

Congressional BriefingFebruary 23, 1998 As a poor mother of five under age children and separated from my husband who also lives in the city of Andahuaylas, I wash clothes to support myself and the children. During my work activities I got to know an obstetrician who works in the Social Security hospital of Ayacucho. I confided in her about the problems I had run into with my husband. Then she spoke to me about tubal …

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Fact Sheet on Peru

Congressional Briefing February 23, 1998 Political Summary The Republic of Peru is divided into 24 departments and 1 constitutional province, with the capital held in Lima. The current republic is based upon the constitution of December 31, 1993, which allows for three branches of government: an executive, legislative, and judicial. Head of the executive branch is President Alberto Kenyo Fujimori (first elected by universal suffrage in July 1990, and then re-elected in April 1995). Although …

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With honor aborted: A closer look at Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori

The anti-Catholic Left cheered on 15 September 1995 when Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori took to the stage at the United Nation’s Fourth World Conference in Beijing. Here, at last, was a leader of a Latin American country — a Catholic, no less — willing to buck the Vatican’s position on contraception, sterilization and legalized abortion. Claiming the mantle of a “warrior on behalf of the poor,”1 and a visionary in “tennis shoes and blue jeans,”2 …

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