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Research: PRI Investigations

New York Post Faults UN Agency for Ethnic Cleansing of Albanians

August 24, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 15 Dear Friend and Colleague: Since launching its “reproductive health” campaign in the Kosovo region, the UNFPA’s press office has disguised its “stealth” ethnic cleansing campaign behind a mask of “humanitarianism.” PRI’s investigations of UNFPA operations in the region reveal that the UNFPA is distributing dangerous “reproductive health” supplies to Kosovar women, including abortion inducing “morning after” pills; crude IUD devices, and manual vacuum aspirators for abortion. The UNFPA has …

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Milosevic and the ‘UN Butchers’: UNFPA’s ‘Reproductive Health’ Campaign Dubbed ‘White Plague’ by Kosovars

[Editor’s note: PRI’s reports of UNFPA’s operations in Kosovar refugee camps in Albania, to the last two issue of PRI Review, revealed UNFPA’s intentions to follow the refugees homeward with its dangerous “reproductive health” campaign. UNFPA officials have admitted that UNFPA was requested by the indicted war criminal, Slobodan Milosevic, to operate in Kosovo. PRI’S Associate Researcher Josipa Gasparic reports from Pristina, Kosovo.] As rebel leaders in Montenegro prepare to defend themselves against another round …

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Serbian War Crimes, UNFPA and Crimes Against Humanity

June 1, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 3 Dear Friend and Colleague: During times of war, population reduction programs often take on new names. We are concerned about reported instances of war crimes committed in Yugoslavia against the Kosovar population. Our concern over human rights abuses extends to within the refugee camps, even those policed by the United Nations. PRI calls upon the UNFPA to account for their actions within the refugee camps, and encourages our elected …

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Kosovar Refugee Women ‘Just Say No’: Milosevic Invites UNFPA to Target Kosovo Population Upon Their Return Home

[Editor’s note: The UNFPA is the largest purveyor of population control in the world, and has a dismal record on human rights. PRI was concerned about actions taken by the UNFPA against the captive Kosovar refugee population, and sent Austin Ruse of C-FAM to investigate.] Crisis Update In the fall of 1998, a tiny stream of Kosovar refugees began crossing the Albanian border to camp in hastily built refugee settings in northern Albania. By the …

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Refugees’ Rights vs. ‘Reproductive Rights’: UNFPA Population Control Campaign Threatens Kosovars

At the Ara e Madhe refugee camp in Shkoder (also called Scutari) in northern Albania, I was met by Doctor Maria Grazia Saramel taking a young Kosovar woman to the refugee hospital. Before arriving in Albania, I had heard that health care for the refugees was a major concern. As we approached the refugee hospital, Dr. Saramel warned me to prepare myself for what I was about to see. On entering the dark corridors of …

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Sra. Victoria Espinoza of Peru speaks about being sterilized without her knowledge or consent during Cesarean-section delivery

Congressional Briefing February 23, 1998 It is very important to say that before the tubal ligation, it was very difficult for me to conceive children because of hormonal problems. I took pills to regulate my menstrual cycle and for fertility, and so became pregnant. On the 23rd of April, 1996, I went to a private clinic. I had been having spotting, but did not think it very important because there was very little blood. I …

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Statement of Dr. Hector Chavez Chuchon

Congressional BriefingFebruary 23, 1998 My name is Hector Hugo Chavez Chuchon, and I am the president of the regional medical federation of Ayacucho, Andahuaylas, and Huancavelica in the Republic of Peru. This area is the poorest in the country. I do not belong to any political group, and hope that the Peruvian government has as much success as possible in its enterprises. But, at the same time, I have the moral obligation to come forward …

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Statement of Sra. Avelina Sanchez Nolberto

Congressional BriefingFebruary 23, 1998 As a poor mother of five under age children and separated from my husband who also lives in the city of Andahuaylas, I wash clothes to support myself and the children. During my work activities I got to know an obstetrician who works in the Social Security hospital of Ayacucho. I confided in her about the problems I had run into with my husband. Then she spoke to me about tubal …

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