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“The Most Oppressed People in the World”

Burma, a secluded country of almost 60 million people, sits in the corner of Southeast Asia between India and China. Also known as Myanmar, Burma currently has a fertility rate of 2.21 children and, unique for its part of the world, does not suffer from sex-selection. Buddhists comprise about 95% of the population, but there is a small Muslim minority residing in the northern state of Rakhine.[1] These Muslims, known as the Rohingya, have been …

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The Philippines Under Fire

”The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health And Population And Development Act Of 2011”—a title which manages the remarkable feat of encapsulating three lies of the abortion/population control movement in the short span of a dozen words.

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Don’t Expect an HIV/AIDS Vaccine, Researchers Say

When one of the world’s leading researchers announces that the search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine is unlikely to bear fruit, everyone should take notice.  Chastity remains, as it always has been, the only answer. 28 January 2010 — Vol. 12/No. 3 Our hearts go out to infant victims of HIV/AIDS, with their skeletal limbs and rib-ridged stomachs, and some would argue that these could be saved by the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.   Not …

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President’s Page: If It Weren’t For You Meddling Kids: Greens propose global one-child policy

Just when you thought that China-style population control, with its forced abortions and forced sterilizations, has been thoroughly discredited, along comes the Global Warming crowd to breathe new life into it. Groups from the U.K.’s Optimum Population Trust to the U.N. Population Fund are proposing rigorous population control programs to deal with the (imaginary) dangers of climate change. Diane Francis, of Canada’s National Post, would go even further: She wants a “planetary law” mandating a …

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Group Releases Humorous Cartoon to Illustrate Overpopulation Myth

Front Royal, VA, 07/27/09 – The Population Research Institute, a pro-life research group based in Front Royal, VA, has released the first in a series of humorous cartoons intended to disprove the myth of overpopulation. This video, a minute and a half long, deftly refutes common misconceptions about world population, poverty, resource consumption, and the United Nations. “We wanted it to be accessible,” says PRI’s Joseph Powell, who developed the project and did most of …

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For the Record

Mosher played an important role in exposing the abuses associated with China’s “one-child” policy. In his latest book he tells us that China does not have a monopoly on population control-driven fanaticism and even cruelty … … What Mosher calls “costs” were not limited to overt human-rights abuses. Around the world, money that should have gone to primary health care was diverted to population-control programs: African doctors report facilities filled with condoms and contraceptives while …

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President’s Page: One Answer to the Current Economic Crisis: Encourage Childbearing

If we are indeed headed into a recession, as many predict, then America’s birth rate will begin to fall. Recessions depress childbearing — the Great Depression certainly did — as the economic uncertainty discourages would-be parents from bringing new life into the world. But more babies, as a moment’s reflection will reveal, would actually be good for the economy, and not just over the long run. Missing the Obvious But who will make this case? …

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Wisconsin Offers “Free” Birth Control — with Your Money

06 October 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 42 “Free birth control is only a phone call away,” assures a sunny female radio voice. “Total bill: zero. It’s not a mistake. It’s the Waiver!” So asserts the web site of Wisconsin’s Family Planning Health Services (FPHS), a federally funded “reproductive health” group that offers contraception and STD testing to low-income women and minors. The “Waiver” that the radio voice refers to is the Family Planning Waiver …

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