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Wikipedia, Steven Mosher, 2006

  Steven W. Mosher From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     Steven W. Mosher is a China expert who speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. He is the president of the Population Research Institute in Virginia. He is the author of numerous non-fiction books such as A Mother’s Ordeal and Hegemon, as well as being the co-author of China Attacks.  

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For the Record

‘In its May 6 ‘Weekly Briefing,’ the Population Research Institute (PRI) warned of an obviously growing totalitarian trend among homosexual activists who wish to silence all freedom of religion and speech pertaining to criticism of homosexuality. ‘Joseph D’Agostino, PRI’s vice president for communications, writes in the briefing that ‘today’s homosexual ‘rights’ activists are determined to impose upon Western society a neopaganism that is anti-life, anti-family, and anti-religious, and they actively seek to punish those who …

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Global Monitor

Brits and Abortion Despite what Planned Parenthood and other anti-life organizations would like us to believe, many adults in Britain believe the number of abortions being performed in their country should be reduced, according to a poll by Communicate Research for Choose Life. Surprising some critics, the poll found that 53% of those responding said they believe the number of abortions in Britain is too high. Abortion has been legal in Britain since 1967. Currently, …

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The World’s Vanishing Children

  THE WORLD’S VANISHING CHILDREN Throughout the world birth rates and total fertility rates are plunging faster and further than ever recorded in human history. Despite all the apocalyptic doomsday predictions of overpopulation propagandists, the fact is that population growth rates in many countries are already below replacement level and the world’s growth rate is rapidly approaching that figure. If current trends continue, the world’s population will peak by the middle of the century and …

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map of the world

In Case You Missed It: Population Control News from Around the World

Burmese Population Control Bill Signed Into Law: Thousands Flee in Boats On May 19th, Myanmar’s president, Thein Sein, signed the “Population Control and Healthcare Law.” This law is part of a package of four bills labeled “race and religion protection bills.” The Population Control Law is written in language that mandates birth spacing and allows local governments to oversee population control initiatives. The law offers no protection against coercion, force, or discrimination. The law is …

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Win a Prize in the Pro-Life T-Shirt Week Contest

This Tuesday is the start of pro-life t-shirt week! From now until May 3rd, PRI is offering our t-shirts for only $7.50 to those who participate in the pro-life t-shirt week contest. Our t-shirts normally sell for more than twice this price—the $7.50 simply covers our shipping cost. And participating in the contest makes you eligible for some awesome prizes! You can read the official contest rules here.* First Prize Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ …

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Let’s All Celebrate “Earth is for People Day”

The Population Research Institute is hosting an “Earth is for People Day” event to celebrate people and humanity’s relationship to the environment. The president of PRI, Steven Mosher, will be answering questions on-line and spreading the message that protecting the environment should mean protecting people as well. The event will be on Earth Day at 10am EST and can be accessed here: “Human beings are not the enemy of the environment, but are the …

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March for Life in Lima Breaks All Records.

On Saturday, March 21st, 2015 more than a half million people marched in the streets of the Peruvian capital in defense of innocent unborn human life. Assisted and funded in part by the Latin American office of the Population Research Institute, the March for Life in Lima was a huge success. The March for Life in Lima has surpassed all of its records for pro-life marches and is now the largest pro-life march in all of …

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