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Hillary, John, and Howard’s Bogus Abortion Adventure

June 3, 2005 Volume 7 / Number 21 Dear Colleague: Now that the myth of more abortions under President Bush has been completely debunked, how long before it dies? Steven W. Mosher President PRI Weekly Briefing  3 June 2005 Vol. 7 / No. 21 Hillary, John, and Howard’s Bogus Abortion Adventure Way back on Oct. 25, 2004, PRI debunked the false claim, coincidently made just before the elections, that the number of abortions was rising …

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Population Research Institute Expands Reach; Joins in Founding Family Life International

June 2, 2004 Volume 6 / Number 20 Dear Colleague: The work of promoting and defending the sanctity of life and the family does not stop at the water’s edge.  This is why Population Research Institute (PRI) has recently opened a Latin American office.  And it’s also why PRI is now joining forces with several other pro-life groups around the globe–long-time allies in the building of a Culture of Life–to found Family Life International (FLI). …

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Population Research Institute expande su actividad; incorporándose en la fundación de

2 de Junio de 2004 Volumen 6/Número 20 Estimado Amigo: El trabajo de promover y defender la santidad de la vida y la familia no se circunscribe a nuestro lado del mundo. Es por eso que el Instituto de Investigación en Población (Population Research Institute-PRI) ha abierto recientemente una oficina en América Latina. Y esa es también la razón por la cual PRI está uniendo fuerzas con muchos otros grupos pro vida aliados de larga …

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PRI Commends FDA for denying Over-the-Counter Status to ‘Morning-After Pill’

Commends FDA for denying Over-the-Counter Status to ‘Morning-After Pill’ For Immediate Release: For more information contact: Vince Criste: (540) 622-5240 May 12, 2004 Front Royal, VA – “The FDA is to be commended for denying over-the-counter approval of the so-called ‘morning after pill'” said Steven W. Mosher of the Virginia-based Population Research Institute (PRI). “Making this dangerous drug so easily accessible, especially without age restrictions and excluding parental involvement would have resulted in a public …

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PRI and Its Enemies

I was waiting at Kaiser to see a doctor had never met before. As I waited I became aware of a need to pray. There were doctors and patients in all the examination rooms that surrounded me. My guardian angel must be nudging me to pray for someone who is close by, I thought. The doctor turned out to be a nice-looking Chinese man with an outgoing manner and an easy smile. He carried out …

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PRI Opens Latin American Office

Abortion is illegal throughout Latin America. The only countries which allow it are Cuba and — because it is under U.S. law — Puerto Rico. But the death peddlers, to use Fr. Marx’s phrase, are daily becoming more aggressive. To combat this growing threat, PRI has opened an office in Lima, Peru, headed by the redoubtable Carlos Polo, whose words follow: Back in 1986, a friend gave me some pamphlets written by Father Paul Marx. …

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New Report on FDA Approval of ‘Emergency Contraception’

Press Release Source: Population Reseach New Report on FDA Approval of ‘Emergency Contraception’ WASHINGTON, DC, 31 March 2004 — Population Research Institute has released an in-depth report on so-called “emergency contraception.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has delayed its decision to act on Women’s Capital Corporation/Barr Laboratories application for over-the-counter (OTC) status for so-called “emergency contraception”(EC), the morning-after pill (MAP). Opposition to OTC/MAP involves concerns that OTC/MAP would increase rates of rape, STDs, …

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