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Topics: sanitation

Who’s Behind India’s Barbaric Mega Sterilization Camps?

Raw video footage shows unconscious women in saris being unloaded from a filthy plastic stretcher and lined up like butchers’ carcasses on the ground to recover from surgeries at a “mass sterilization camp” in India. The Indian television network, NDTV, aired the film in February, reporting that 103 women were sterilized by two doctors in a single day at the Manikchak Rural Health Center in the Malda district of West Bengal, before being dumped in …

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Slaughterhouse Live

Out of a Philadelphia abortuary comes a grisly tale of horror that could have been made in China. “Pennsylvania is not a third-world country,” the grand jury investigating abortionist Kermit Gosnell insists, yet the clinic he ran bears a closer resemblance to the killing fields of one-child China than to a legitimate medical facility in the U.S. In fact, the description of Gosnell’s operation contained in the grand jury report reminded me of some of …

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Don’t Expect an HIV/AIDS Vaccine, Researchers Say

When one of the world’s leading researchers announces that the search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine is unlikely to bear fruit, everyone should take notice.  Chastity remains, as it always has been, the only answer. 28 January 2010 — Vol. 12/No. 3 Our hearts go out to infant victims of HIV/AIDS, with their skeletal limbs and rib-ridged stomachs, and some would argue that these could be saved by the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.   Not …

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From the Countries

Abortion Clinics Closed In Sri Lanka Abortion is illegal in Sri Lanka, and thanks to the help of the citizens, police have had great success in closing down the clinics that invariably appear. As with many illegal pursuits, the abortion business in Sri Lanka is a highly lucrative one. Strict cultural taboos on unwed pregnancy drive women to pay anywhere between 25,000 LKR (US$232.23) and 100,000 LKR (US$928.94). Since the average persons annual income slightly …

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