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February 16 — Focus on FOCA

Para leer este boletín en español, haga click aquí. 16 February 2009 — Vol. 11/No. 06 Barack Obama’s first act as president was not, as he had promised, to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). This misbegotten piece of legislation was not waiting on his desk when he entered the Oval Office. The Congress had yet to consider it. This slight delay does not mean that we can relax our guard. For FOCA would …

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January 27 — Nancy Pelosi, Population Controller

Most of us understand that children are the only future a nation has. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, apparently does not. In the name of fiscal austerity, she wants us to embark upon a population control program here at home to drive down the birth rate. How else can one understand her desire to add hundreds of millions of dollars of “family planning” spending to the stimulus package under discussion in the Congress? …

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Doug Kmiec’s Departure from the Pro-Life Movement

19 November 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 49 The more incredible the claim, the greater the number of column inches the liberal media devotes to making it. That’s why The Washington Post, on November 18th, gave over such a large swath of its front page to religion writer Jacqueline Salmon, who fantasizes at length about the “growing number of anti-abortion pastors, conservative academics and activists [who] are setting aside efforts to outlaw abortion and instead …

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From the Countries

Abortion Clinics Closed In Sri Lanka Abortion is illegal in Sri Lanka, and thanks to the help of the citizens, police have had great success in closing down the clinics that invariably appear. As with many illegal pursuits, the abortion business in Sri Lanka is a highly lucrative one. Strict cultural taboos on unwed pregnancy drive women to pay anywhere between 25,000 LKR (US$232.23) and 100,000 LKR (US$928.94). Since the average persons annual income slightly …

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President’s Page: Fighting the Pro-Abort Congress Attacks on Pro-Life Laws

The pro-abortion majority in Congress, as we have been warning since last November’s elections, has gone on the offensive. They are seeking to strip out of legislation all of the pro-life protections that our side has embedded in the law over the past two decades, putting unborn babies around the world at serious risk. Mexico City Policy in Danger Rep. Nina Lowey (D-NY), a strident promoter of abortion, fired the opening salvo. She introduced an …

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Bush Promises to Protect Pro-Life Amendments

3 May 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 16 Dear Colleague, During his first six years in office, President Bush rarely threatened to veto legislation. But now, facing a Congress whose leadership is hostile to Life, he has drawn a line in the sand. To those who wish to use U.S. funds to perform abortions, to lobby for the legalization of abortion overseas, and to impose population control on poor women, he says, “You shall not …

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President’s Page: The Bad News from November

The bad news began right after the November elections. And on December 7, the Senate voted to confirm the nomination of Andrew von Eschenbach as Commissioner of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As Acting Commissioner, Esehenbach approved the over-the-counter sale of the abortion-causing “morning-after pill.” and did nothing to protect women from RU-486, despite the at least eight deaths and hundreds of injuries resulting from its use. Two pro-life senators, Jim DeMint (R.-SC.) …

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Pro-Life Politics

6 October 2006     Volume 8 / Number 37 Dear Colleague: What’s a pro-lifer to do when both candidates for a U.S. Senate seat claim to be pro-life?  Read the fine print, of course. Pro-Life Politics Pro-life Americans should want both major political parties?-and all the minor ones?-to commit themselves firmly to the Culture of Life, and particularly to the protection of unborn children.  We should have in this country what we used to have: A pro-life consensus in …

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