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Research: Mexico City Policy

Trump Administration Once Again Expands the Mexico City Policy, this time to Foreign Contractors

The Trump administration has once again expanded the Mexico City Policy, this time extending the policy to foreign contractors. Last Monday, a proposed rule seeking to extend the Mexico City Policy to federal contracts was finalized and released to the public. The proposed rule would ban foreign contractors signing onto U.S. government global health contracts from performing or promoting abortion in foreign countries.

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Mexico City Policy a Success!

The U.S Department of State reports the Mexico City Policy has not negatively impacted U.S. foreign aid programs in poor and developing countries, debunking the claims of liberals that the policy is harmful to women’s health and to foreign health care programs in general.

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Zero Out International Abortion Funding

A letter signed by 11 U.S. Senators and 51 Congressmen has called on federal departments and agencies to stop U.S. foreign aid from being used to support organizations at the United Nations that promote abortion.

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Trump Mexico City Policy Cuts an Estimated $153 Million to Pro-Abortion Organizations

President Trump’s Mexico City Policy has slashed an estimated $153 million in U.S. international aid dollars to foreign organizations that perform or promote abortion overseas, a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found.

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Does the Mexico City Policy Ban Funding for Groups that Promote Abortion Abroad? Not for U.S. Groups

All in all, according to the Population Council’s estimates, the R3M project was responsible for the execution of 122,545 abortions in Ghana. However, throughout the life of the R3M project, both the Population Council and EngenderHealth were recipients of multiple and substantially sizable U.S. foreign aid grants.

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Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo

Trump Administration Stops Backdoor Funding to Foreign Organizations that Perform Abortion

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a press briefing yesterday, announced the Trump administration is expanding the Mexico City Policy to stop backdoor funding to pro-abortion organizations. Under the new expanded policy, foreign NGOs receiving U.S. foreign health assistance will be prohibited from providing funding to any other foreign NGOs that perform or promote abortion.

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434 lawmakers, including 89 new freshman Members, were sworn in to the 116th Congress on January 3, 2019. Photo by Phi Nguyen

House Democrats Push for a Repeal of the Mexico City Policy

While our nation is distracted by the hue and cry over border security, the newly installed Democrat majority in the House of Representatives has quietly voted to repeal President Trump’s “Mexico City Policy.” “Speaker Pelosi and company are eager to resume funding organizations like International Planned Parenthood Federation that perform or promote abortion in foreign countries,” says Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher. “This despite the fact that most Americans want nothing to do with …

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Mexico City Policy Fact Sheet

What is the Mexico City Policy, and how has it been critical to defending the right to life around the world? Find out that and more in our new, free Mexico City Policy fact sheet which you can download here

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