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Topics: Pro-life

EU Constitution’s Halt Gives Pro-lifers an Opening

June 24, 2005 Volume 7 / Number 24  Dear Colleague: The rejection of the EU Constitution by France and the Netherlands gives European pro-life and pro-family groups a chance to prevent the European Union from steamrollering national pro-life and pro-family laws. Steven W. Mosher President PRI Weekly Briefing  24 June 2005 Vol. 7 / No. 24 EU Constitution’s Halt Gives Pro-lifers an Opening  Though endorsed by the Catholic, Brussels-based Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of …

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President’s Page: A Pro-Life Conference in London

I was out of the country on November 2, but not to worry, I made absolutely sure that my vote was counted, casting an absentee ballot several weeks before the election. That level of intensity was common on our side, among Catholics and evangelicals alike, and it brought pro-life voters out to the polls in unprecedented numbers. We gave Bush a second term, added to the pro-life majority in the House and Senate, and now …

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Pro-Life and the American Mass Media

More children are killed every day by abortion than all of the people lost in the September 11, 200l, attacks on the World Trade Center. But when have you ever heard the mass media admit this? The major broadcast networks, the major dailies like The New York Times, have imposed a virtual news blackout on the subject. Tell the Truth If you think I exaggerate, ask yourself when is the last time that you saw …

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