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Countries: Guatemala

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Finally — a Good Use for Condoms For years the population controllers have been dumping millions upon millions of condoms into Africa. Finally someone has found something useful to do with all these condoms. Sari makers in India are using them to lubricate the yarn on their looms, By rubbing them on the bobbins while making brocade saris, they prevent the yarn from snapping, It is estimated that the sari industry uses half a million …

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Family Planning Abuses: A Report from Guatemala

Marina, a Guatemalan Indian, went to Aprofam at the suggestion of her sister-in-law. After a ten-minute interview in which no medical questions were asked, Marina was given “the shot” No one told her the pros and cons of using Depo-Provera, other than that it only required her to go to the clinic once every three months. For four years, Marina continued to receive her quarterly shot. During this time, Marina was plagued by headaches, sleepiness …

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Global Monitor

Promoting population control through religion The Institute for Development Training (IDT) attempts to bend religious principle to the promotion of population control through “educational” materials. Among the financial contributors to these efforts are Population Action International; United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia; Frank Weeden Foundation; David and Lucile Packard Foundation; General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church; Global Mission Ministry Unit of the Presbyterian Church (USA); and the National Council …

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