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Topics: birth rate decline

Is Social Security Doomed by Contraception and Abortion?

In the July/August, 1996 issue of Culture Wars, I published an article, “Contracepting Social Security,” that used the Social Security Trustees’ reports to document how artificially reduced birthrates had seriously injured Social Security solvency. In that article, I argued that the key to the Ponzi functioning of the Social Security system, and financing of deficits, is an ever-expanding population base. Yet the breakdown of traditional family morality under the influence of sexually permissive thinkers, degenerate …

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The Birth Dearth: Economic and Social Impact of Aging Societies

ROME, SEPT 30, 2007 (— Decades of declining birthrates are causing a rapid aging of many nation’s populations. Romanian President Traian Basescu recently warned that his country’s population was declining and that more needs to be done to support women who have children, the Associated Press reported Sept. 18. “Romania urgently needs to revise its demographic policies,” he told participants at a conference on population and development in the city of Sibiu. The tuition has …

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Are There Too Many Columbians

PRI Weekly Briefing, September 24, 2007 Vol. 9 / No. 35 8 October 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 37 On September 27-28, the University of La Sabana, a Catholic University located in Bogota, Colombia, convened a conference on “Population, Life, and Development.” Steven Mosher told the assembly, which included senior government officials, that Colombia was not overpopulated. Are There Too Many Colombians? Like other Baby Boomers, I lived through the unprecedented doubling of the global …

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Encouraging the Poles to Have Large Families

21 May 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 18 Dear Colleague, The Polish birthrate has plummeted in recent years, falling from 2.3 children in 1990 to 1.3 today.  Have the Poles been infected by the “white pestilence” that is decimating their neighbors?  What should they be doing to encourage large families? Steven W. Mosher President      Encouraging the Poles  (And Everyone Else) To Have Large Families As I write this, I am on my way to …

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Problems with the New Bio-Politics

Problems With the New Biopolitics Fr some time now, liberal politicians and writers have been wringing their hands over the lack of attractive progressive ideas. Even prominent Democrats complain that their party cannot come up with a program with which to beat weakened Republicans in this year’s elections. So-called progressives are actually reactionary and perceived as such by most of the public, which notes progressives’ attachment to ideas and policies with a 40-year record of …

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Problems With the New Biopolitics

June 23, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 24 Problems With the New Biopolitics Dear Colleague: An innovative proposal taking demographics into account has come from a new progressive publication.  Unfortunately, it also advocates some bad old ideas. Steven W. Mosher President For some time now, liberal politicians and writers have been wringing their hands over the lack of attractive progressive ideas.  Even prominent Democrats complain that their party cannot come up with a program with which …

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Signs of Hope

June 9, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 22 Signs of Hope Dear Colleague: In the midst of demographic decline, there are indications of possible renewal. Steven W. Mosher President In this space, we often criticize and warn.  This time, we will point to some signs of hope and progress, at least in media discourse and people’s mentalities, on demographic issues.  The crisis of falling birthrates worldwide continues to get more and more attention from pundits and …

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Family Planning Graduation

It’s time to graduate some Third World countries from American-sponsored population control. “Population stabilization” in developing countries is an official purpose of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), though in keeping with the zeitgeist, efforts to achieve that goal are today called family planning programs. In this time of massive deficits, American taxpayers pay over $400 million a year (conservatively estimated) to reduce the populations of Third World nations whose birthrates have already collapsed …

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