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street in China

Forced Abortions in China Continue Despite Two-Child Policy

Many Westerners cheered when the Chinese Communist Party announced it was going to allow all Chinese couples a second child. They quite naturally assumed that this meant an across-the-board relaxation of a policy that had caused tremendous suffering among the Chinese people. I was not convinced. There is often a striking distance between Beijing’s policy pronouncements and the harsh reality on the ground. In fact, not long ago I testified before Congress that “Despite the …

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The Castro Regime: Repression of the Rights to Life and Liberty

Freedom is never free. The passing of Fidel Castro is a keen reminder that many liberties so often taken for granted in the West, even as they are rapidly diminishing in the face of radical secularism, are still not a given for many. For over 55 years, the Castro regime perpetrated numerous human rights abuses. Basic civil liberties and freedom of the press were non-existent. Political opponents were detained, tortured or killed without cause. Liberalization …

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From The Countries

Russia Fights Demographic Decline with Honors for Large Families The Order of Parental Glory marks the latest attempt of the Russian Federation to halt the demographic free fall into which alcoholism, AIDS, and abortion have dropped its population, Along with a cash prize of 50,000 rubles, the Order is presented to families who give birth to, or adopt, at least four children, and meet a host of other criteria that demonstrate the children are being …

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President’s Page: It’s the Birthrate, Stupid

I admit to being irritated by the shallowness of our supposed national debate on Social Security. Neither political party seems able — perhaps willing is a better word — to come to grips with the real issue, which is our growing shortage of young people. The Democrats — no surprise here — merely want to raise taxes, just as Jimmy Carter did during a previous Social Security cash crunch in the late ’70s. Carter promised …

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