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Publications: Special Alert

PRI Releases Planned Parenthood Organ-Trafficking Videos in Spanish

Please forward to a Spanish-speaking friend at home or abroad. This summer, the Center for Medical Progress revealed to the world the deep-seated corruption pervasive in Planned Parenthood, one of the world’s largest abortion providers. To date, ten videos have been released showing senior executives of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) at various stages in the process of harvesting and selling the organs of aborted babies. Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization that receives …

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Natural Family Planning

Our new video addresses a form of fertility management that is cost-free, pill-free, and free of coercion. The new video is titled: “Natural Family Planning: the Best Worst Thing Ever.” Watch the video. Get the facts. Share with friends. “You can sacrifice frequency, taking time off during fertile periods.”             While men are always fertile, women are only fertile a short period of time during each menstrual cycle (about 28-31 days). …

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Steven Mosher on EWTN tonight discussing China

Have you wondered why the Chinese instituted their draconian birth control policy? What were the ideological roots behind it? And what, exactly, are the costs of their policy? Mr. Steven Mosher, the president of Population Research Institute, will be on EWTN News Nightly With Colleen Campbell discussing these questions.   You can view the program tonight as it airs at the following times:  6:00 pm EST 9:00 pm EST  2:00 am EST     PRESS CONTACT: …

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A PRI Thanksgiving Message

On this Thanksgiving Day 2013, we at PRI give thanks to God for all of our many blessings.   We recall that in 1779, long before George Washington issued his national Thanksgiving proclamations, Thomas Jefferson, then Governor of Virginia, penned his own:   Whereas the Honourable the General Congress, impressed with a grateful sense of the goodness of Almighty God in blessing the greater part of this extensive Continent with plentiful harvest, crowning our arms …

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Steven Mosher to Lecture: “Family Policy Lessons from Australia: What Should America Learn?”

Join us next Friday, November 15th,  to hear our president, Mr. Steven Mosher, and other experts at a Family in America Capitol Hill Symposium as they answer the question: “Family Policy Lessons from Other Lands: What Should America Learn?” Mr. Steven Mosher will give his talk on: "Family Policy Lessons from Australia: What Should America Learn?"     While the U.S. persists in its efforts to redefine marriage and family, other nations are seeking a …

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Camels, Cartoons, and Plan B

Where you wondering when Population Research Institute was going to create another awesome short video? Wait no longer! We at PRI released a fun and informational video today that explains how Plan B really works. The video uses state-of-the art cartoons to break down the complexities of pregnancy, illustrating how the drug affects ovulation, conception, and implantation.   Steven Mosher, President of PRI, says: "Our three-minute video will make you laugh out loud, while teaching you …

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Don’t Miss: Steven Mosher on EWTN

PRI president, Mr. Steven W. Mosher, will be on EWTN not once, not twice, but ten times next week! Mr. Mosher will be interviewed by Johnette Benkovic on the program Women of Grace.  Mr. Steven Mosher went to China as a young pro-choice atheist in the 1970's. Of his witness of forced abortions in China, Mosher says, "I saw hell open up before me." He returned from China as a pro-life advocate. You can hear this conversion story airing at 11am …

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Steve Mosher will be on EWTN tonight discussing Catholic Relief Services

Mr. Steven W. Mosher, president of Population Research Institute, will be speaking tonight on the EWTN show, "The World Over," tonight at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time (5:00pm for Pacific Standard Time). We encourage you to tune in! Mr. Mosher will discuss the recent controversy surrounding our most recent investigation in Madagscar which uncovered information about Catholic Relief Services. Catholic Relief Services will also have a representative speaking on the show.  (You can catch up on …

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