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In Case You Missed It: Population Control News from Around the World

Burmese Population Control Bill Signed Into Law: Thousands Flee in Boats On May 19th, Myanmar’s president, Thein Sein, signed the “Population Control and Healthcare Law.” This law is part of a package of four bills labeled “race and religion protection bills.” The Population Control Law is written in language that mandates birth spacing and allows local governments to oversee population control initiatives. The law offers no protection against coercion, force, or discrimination. The law is …

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Latest PRI Video Shows Collapse of Russia

PRI has released a new video: a mini-documentary taken during our latest trip to Moscow, Russia! In this fast-paced, 12-minute internet documentary, PRI pays a visit to Russia, and discusses the country’s plummeting birthrates and skyrocketing death rates. PRI’s media director, Colin Mason, says that this documentary represents a giant leap forward for PRI’s video efforts. “We’re really proud of this new show,” says Mason. “It uses a host of new video technologies that we’ve …

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Spain: Setting a Trap for Families

Spain is following Greece into the demographic twilight as birth rates fall. The leftist government of Jose Zapatero has burdened the country with excessive government spending even while tax revenues shrink and unemployment explodes. Vol. 12/No. 14 NAVARRE, SPAIN—Here in Spain, the government has tried to compensate for the lack of demographic growth by huge government subsidies borrowed from largely foreign lenders. Now the loans are coming due and the prospects for repaying them are …

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For The Record . . .

Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute tells us in his article today what we should expect on abortion from an Obama administration. Mosher has been very effective in exposing the extreme abortion agenda of Communist China and getting the US to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from China because of this. We should trust his judgement. Steve Jalsevac, “Comments on November 6 News,” LifeSiteNews, 06 November 2008 # # # Joseph …

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President’s Page: One Answer to the Current Economic Crisis: Encourage Childbearing

If we are indeed headed into a recession, as many predict, then America’s birth rate will begin to fall. Recessions depress childbearing — the Great Depression certainly did — as the economic uncertainty discourages would-be parents from bringing new life into the world. But more babies, as a moment’s reflection will reveal, would actually be good for the economy, and not just over the long run. Missing the Obvious But who will make this case? …

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The Nation’s “Missing the ‘Right’ Babies” Author Misses Facts

Front Royal, VA, 02/20/08 – Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute (PRI), responded to a hit piece published by The Nation, America’s largest-circulation leftwing publication, which accuses PRI of fomenting "race panic" by reporting on plummeting birthrates in Europe.The lead article by Kathryn Joyce, who entitled her screed "Missing: the ‘Right’ Babies," falsely suggests that PRI is only concerned about maintaining white majorities in Europe and the United States in light of …

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How Family Planning Programs Cause Sex-Selective Abortion, Female Infanticide, and Other Forms of Child Abuse

10 December 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 46 Dear Colleague, Contrary to the claims of the population controllers, their programs actually increase infant mortality. Let us count the ways. Steven W. Mosher How Family Planning Programs Cause Sex-Selective Abortion, Female Infanticide, and Other Forms of Child Abuse. The anti-natalists argue that population control (aka “family planning” programs) lowers infant mortality. Some of their arguments are very crude. It is true that, as the birth rate …

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Are There Too Many Colombians?

On September 27–28, the University of La Sabana, a Catholic University located in Bogota, Colombia, convened a conference on “Population, Life, and Development.” Steven Mosher told the assembly, which included senior government officials, that Colombia was not overpopulated. Like other Baby Boomers, I lived through the unprecedented doubling of the global population in the second half of the 20th century. Never before in human history had our numbers increased so far, so fast: from 3 …

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