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Topics: population growth

The 300 Millionth American Is Coming

Population Research Institute For Immediate Release September 12, 2006 Contact: Joseph D’Agostino 540-622-5240 x 204 The 300 Millionth American Is Coming FRONT ROYAL, Va. Next month, America’s population will hit 300 million. Contrary to what purveyors of the overpopulation myth will be saying, there is nothing to fear from America’s continued population growth, which averages about 0.9% annually. “With the population of the United States expected to continue aging for decades, threatening the impending bankruptcies …

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Three Hundred Million and Counting

September 8, 2006 Volume 8, Number 35  Dear Colleague: Americans should celebrate their coming 300 millionth fellow resident. But many wrong-headed commentators will be complaining. Steven W. Mosher President Three Hundred Million and Counting Sometime next month, the U.S. Census Bureau will announce that the population of the United States has reached 300 million. The USA has the world’s third-largest population, trailing far behind China (1.3 billion) and India (1.1 billion). Accompanying the 300 million milestone …

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Does More Population Mean More Poverty in a Nation?

This article is adapted from a January 29, 2005, address given by His Excellency Bishop Bonivento at the Family Life International Symposium, held in his diocese of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. PNG is an island nation near Australia. PRI President Steve Mosher spoke at the symposium, which was co-sponsored by PRI. In recent months, starting in September-October 2004, PNG’s national media reported several appeals made by politicians and other people residing in our country to …

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Unlike Europe’s, U.S. Population Continues to Grow–And in the Right Places

December 30, 2004 Volume 6 / Number 42 Dear Colleague: Culture and politics should continue to trend right, for two related, and mutually reinforcing, reasons: Pro-life and pro-family people are the ones having children.  And the more children they have, the more likely they are to put family and life concerns foremost.  It’s a virtuous circle. Steven W. Mosher President Unlike Europe’s, U.S. Population Continues to Grow–And in the Right Places The U.S. Census Bureau’s …

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