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China forcibly harvesting organs from its dissidents in a ‘kind of genocide’: Report

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and the author of ‘Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order,’ wrote about the horrors of the illicit organ transplant trade in the country in a New York Post editorial.

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‘The victim is still alive and breathing’: Expert exposes China’s ‘horrific’ organ harvesting program

The Chinese government is harvesting organs from prisoners while they are still alive to supply its lucrative organ transplant industry, a leading expert on China has told LifeSiteNews. 

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Chinese Catholics to suffer worst persecution world has ever seen: Expert

China expert and social scientist Steven Mosher warned that persecution of Christians, particularly Catholics, in China is currently unfolding in a way the “world has never seen the likes of.”

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More than 300,000 factories in China could shut down if trade war goes full blast, says expert

The tariffs, says China expert Steven Mosher, will be a “serious shock” to China’s economy, and if they remain in place for more than a couple of months, will have lasting impacts on China’s economy.

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What China Reformers? What China Doves?

“The battle between the hardliners, who want a state-controlled economy, and the reformers, who wanted to move in the direction of the free market, is effectively over. The reformers have lost.”

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Pro-life leaders ‘thrilled’ that Trump defunded UN pro-abortion agency

“The evidence is clear,” said Mosher, noting there are “agents of the United Nations Population Fund who are paid by the United Nations Population Fund are carrying out these policies in different parts of China. This is why we were able to get the Bush administration” to cut off UNFPA’s funding in the early 2000s. Read the full article on LifeSite News.

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Trump represents the US far better in Asia trip than Obama ever did

President Trump did us all proud on his Asia trip – at least those of us who are still prouder to be Americans rather than citizens of the world. He scored points by simply behaving like the leader of our nation and the free world. Read the full article on Fox News.

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China’s ‘Dream’ Is Our Nightmare, and Can Never Be Allowed to Come True

Here is what Americans in general, and President Donald Trump in particular, need to know about China’s ruler. First, President Trump was right in calling Xi Jinping the “King of China.” Xi has amassed at least as much power as the late Chairman Mao at his height… Read the full article on

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