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Topics: Transgender ideology

Transgender people are suffering, and indulging their delusions will not help them

This article appeared first in LifeSiteNews and is reprinted here by permission. Not long ago, Pope Francis stirred controversy in a discussion about so-called “transsexuals.” The occasion was a press conference, where he told the story of meeting a person born a female who, even as a girl, had felt herself to be a boy. As the pope described it, “he” had undergone surgery and then married. Later, “he” had written to the pope, who had …

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The Deconstruction of Gender

“The nature vs. nurture debate on whether biology or environment causes human beings to choose certain roles and lifestyles is a perennial controversy in sociobiology, but since the seventies the debate has been extended to whether nurture, i.e. culture, can override biology and be a determinant of sex itself. This issue reached high drama at the June 2000 Beijing+5 United Nations Women’s Conference in New York when the development agencies of the Scandinavian countries and …

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