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Topics: traditional family values

PRI Smeared by Radical, Soros-Funded Organization

A left-wing, George Soros-funded media organization in the United Kingdom, called openDemocracy, has just released a hit piece falsely accusing PRI of “subvert[ing] democracy” in Europe.  This is nothing more than an attempt to smear the good work that Population Research Institute (PRI) and other Christian, pro-life, and pro-family organizations in the U.S. do on that continent.

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Traditional Family Values

My daughter told the group that the common good is to be found not in the discovery of new principles for living, but in the rediscovery of God-given truths about the importance of faith, life and family.

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Is Social Security Doomed by Contraception and Abortion?

In the July/August, 1996 issue of Culture Wars, I published an article, “Contracepting Social Security,” that used the Social Security Trustees’ reports to document how artificially reduced birthrates had seriously injured Social Security solvency. In that article, I argued that the key to the Ponzi functioning of the Social Security system, and financing of deficits, is an ever-expanding population base. Yet the breakdown of traditional family morality under the influence of sexually permissive thinkers, degenerate …

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