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Topics: Terrorism

Islamic Terrorism and Fertility

Islamic terrorists have used roadside bombs, car bombs and plane bombs in their attacks on us. Might the Islamic “population bomb” be their next weapon of choice?

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Misplaced Priorities

2 July 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 23 Dear Colleague, Mr. President, it’s time to put divisive issues aside and put the Reagan coalition back together. Steve Mosher Misplaced Priorities: It’s Time for Bush to Return to his Pro-Life Roots President George W. Bush has done much good for the pro-life movement.  His judicial appointments, especially to the Supreme Court, have strengthened the cause of Life.  He has made good on his promises to veto …

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Catholics, Bush, and the Dictator of Relativism

April 11, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 15 Catholics, Bush, & the Dictatorship of Relativism Pope and President have taken a stand against the dictatorship of relativism, as did the Bishop of Madison, Wis. at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. Have you? Steven W. Mosher President Only in its third year, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast has become one of the premier events for Catholics in the nation. Close to 2,000 people attended this year’s …

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Australia’s Future

March 10, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 10 Australia’s Future Dear Colleague: The character of a nation decades from now is determined by who is or is not born in it today. Steven W. Mosher President Australia recently took two important steps that may greatly influence her long-term future. One was the vote of her parliament last month to legalize RU-486, the human pesticide. The other is the stepped-up campaign by Prime Minister John Howard’s …

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