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Sex Trafficking Ring Found Selling Pakistani Women into Prostitution in China

Pakistani authorities have arrested 12 suspected members of a sex trafficking ring that was found to be selling Pakistani girls into prostitution in China. The incident is part of an alarming trend that has seen sex trafficking and bride trafficking into China increase in recent years. Earlier this month, the Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) announced that its anti-human trafficking unit had rounded up eight Chinese nationals and four Pakistanis suspected to be connected to …

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China Ratchets Up One-Child Policy, Part II

As the municipality of Huizhou, China, redoubles its efforts at population control, little girls, both born and unborn, are sure to die in large numbers. In Part I, we reported that the Centralized Services for Population and Family Planning of Huizhou was undertaking a new campaign to lower the birth rate in this city of four million people. This despite the fact that Huizhou, and other cities in Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta, have had lower fertility rates than …

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For the Record…

“China’s ‘one-child’ per couple population control policy may be costing the Chinese economy billions of dollars, Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, said at a lecture in Washington, DC… “During his talk, which was entitled Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, Mosher also said the policy has led to a huge unbalance in China’s gentler ratio, a booming sex trade around its borders and vast human rights abuses in the name of reproductive …

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