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Topics: Rohingya

refugee women standing in front of a house

When Population Control Becomes Genocide

Northern Myanmar—the country we used to call Burma—is the site of a brutal and ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign. It is well known that the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority from the north-western Burmese state of Rakhine, are systematically persecuted and that large numbers are fleeing across the border to India. What is less well known is that they are also being subjected to a rigorous population control program designed to reduce the birth rate among …

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Ipas and UNFPA are Promoting Abortion in Rohingya Refugee Camps

The Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic group from north-western Myanmar, have long been considered among the world’s most persecuted minorities. In recent years, hostilities against Rohingya have increased markedly with Burmese security forces carrying out “area clearance operations” against Rohingya settlements. Widespread violence and arson on Rohingya communities has forced nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees to flee into neighboring Bangladesh and an additional 120,000 Rohingya to move into internally displaced person camps. Yet, within the refugee …

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