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Mosher: China May End Two-Child Policy, But What Comes Next May Be Just as Bad

This article originally appeared on Breitbart It wasn’t so long ago that Chinese officials were bragging about the success of their population control program. When the Chinese Minister of Health, Gao Qiang, visited the U.S. in 2011, he proudly told a horrified group of U.S. Congressmen: “We have eliminated 400 million people from the population. We have eliminated more people than the entire population of the United States.” Now comes word that the Party is poised to …

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Exposing Population Control: Tanzania

  The East African country of Tanzania suffers from many challenges, but overpopulation is not one of them. The subtropical country has a land area larger than California, Michigan, Arizona, and Virginia combined, and a population only about the size of California’s and Virginia’s combined. But if you look at the website of USAID, the United States federal agency responsible for foreign aid, you might think that Tanzania was dangerously overpopulated. That’s how it justifies …

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Controlling Women’s Desires in Kenya

The Kenyan government recently outlined a new brand of coercive population control. Unlike China’s policy which uses coercion to control the number of births, Kenya is trying to control population earlier in the reproductive process by changing women’s desires to have children. In the early 1980’s, the average woman in Kenya had 8 children. In the last 30 years, fertility rates fell by 44% to 4.5 children, but this fall has not been enough for …

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Why Do Filipino Women Die in Childbirth?

The Philippines has long been under pressure from the U.S and elsewhere to adopt a China-like population control program, with the latest argument being that the mandatory provision of contraceptives will reduce maternal mortality in the island nation. The Philippines is a target because of its size and its still robust fertility. It is one of the 15 most populous nations in the world and has an annual population growth rate of over 2%.[1] Only three …

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The Philippines Under Fire

”The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health And Population And Development Act Of 2011”—a title which manages the remarkable feat of encapsulating three lies of the abortion/population control movement in the short span of a dozen words.

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Turner Calls for Global One-Child Policy

The Mouth of the South is at it again — praising China’s one-child policy, and calling for its adoption worldwide.

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Spain: Setting a Trap for Families

Spain is following Greece into the demographic twilight as birth rates fall. The leftist government of Jose Zapatero has burdened the country with excessive government spending even while tax revenues shrink and unemployment explodes. Vol. 12/No. 14 NAVARRE, SPAIN—Here in Spain, the government has tried to compensate for the lack of demographic growth by huge government subsidies borrowed from largely foreign lenders. Now the loans are coming due and the prospects for repaying them are …

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July 13 — Pope Benedict Slams Population Control in Broad-ranging Encyclical

13 July 2009 — Vol. 12/No. 20 In what will perhaps come to be known as the pontiff’s signature writing, Pope Benedict XVI released a sweeping encyclical that seeks to make the Catholic Church’s social stance abundantly clear on everything from sound economic practice to population control. The encyclical, entitled Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth) became available to the public on July 7th, and is available on the Vatican web site. In Pope Benedict’s …

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