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Topics: Rafael Correa

News from Latin America: New Challenges to Life in Ecuador: Pro-Lifers Face Harassment and a Hostile Constitution

Ecuador is debating a new Constitution. While this provides the international pro-abortion lobby with a good opportunity to eliminate the legal protection of the unborn, it also provides us pro-lifers an opportunity to defend it. As it stands now, the current Constitution of Ecuador says that: “the State shall secure the right to life from the time of conception…”(Art. 49). This made explicit the State’s opposition to abortion by specifically defining life as beginning at …

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For the Record

“The rebuttal of Zhao’s assertion was no surprise to Steve Mosher, an expert on China’s coercive population control policy. “‘These officials are very good at speaking out of both sides of their mouths,’ Mosher told Baptist Press. ‘[Zhao] tried to put the best face possible on the policy. When the foreign press read too much into it, they backed off’… “Since 1986, the program generally has limited couples in urban areas to one child and …

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News from Latin America: Holding the Line in a Continent Under Fire

Why is abortion not legal in Latin America despite the incredible number of pro-abortion attempts to legalize it? An in-depth analysis would surely consider the historic, sociological, religious, and other aspects. But from my daily experience working in the pro-life movement as the PRI Director of the Latin American office, I would say that the real reason abortion is not legal in Latin American is people. Extraordinary persons are doing an extraordinary job holding the …

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