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Topics: productivity

Are Children the Enemy of Productivity?

The barren Left argues that children are a nuisance and a distraction. The truth is that men and women with children are more, not less, productive than their childless counterparts. Vol. 12/No. 21 Cyril Connolly once said that “there is no more somber enemy of good art than the pram in the hallway.” Connelly is here suggesting that the distractions implicit in rearing a child will undercut an artist’s attempt to create, so children are …

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The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope,

12 January, 2007     Volume 9 / Number 2 The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope At Christmas, Pope Benedict made extensive comments about Europe’s demographic decline, raising our hopes that he will author an encyclical on this most fundamental issue.  As Shakespeare put it, "The world must be peopled." Many believe that the College of Cardinals chose Joseph Ratzinger as Pope in a final effort to rescue Europe from the secularism, hedonism, and anti-procreationism that threaten to …

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300 Million, Social Security, and Solvency

1 October 2006     Volume 8 / Number 38 Dear Colleagues: The problem with America’s population size of 300 million is that it’s not big enough (to keep us solvent). Steven W. Mosher President 300 Million, Social Security, and Solvency As America’s population reaches 300 million next month, we must wonder if our nation’s infrastructure can bear such a population size.  Can she survive 300 million and corresponding increases indefinitely?  It’s a good question, because 300 million isn’t …

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Global Monitor

Colombia Aborts Colombia has followed the example of much of the rest of the world in the abortion holocaust, as her first legal abortion has been committed. The Catholic country’s courts legalized abortion in May in the cases of rape, danger to the mother’s life and deformed fetus. Although the case was considered extreme, the subject of abortion is a contentious one in Colombia. Protesters assembled outside the hospital to oppose the abortion and Catholic …

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