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Pro-Lifers Weigh In On Virginia Pro-Abortion Revolution

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam chose to observe Good Friday by signing into law a radical expansion of abortion on demand, gutting hard-won protections for unborn children and the health and safety of their mothers. The new law not only repeals key informed consent provisions, but for the first time, it permits non-physicians (such as nurse practitioners) to carry out abortions. Religious leaders called Mr. Northam’s choice of timing a “particular affront to all who profess …

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Indian Government Pushes to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth for Unborn Children with “Substantial” Disabilities

The Government of India is set to introduce a bill in the national Parliament that would legalize abortion up to birth for unborn children with “substantial foetal abnormalities.” The bill would also change the legal limit for abortion from 20 weeks to 24 weeks for “survivors of rape, victims of incest and other vulnerable women,” including minors and women with mental disabilities.

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Obama Win to Reverse 8 Years of Pro-Life Advances

Front Royal, VA, 11/06/08 – By electing Barack Obama president of the United States, Americans are set to reverse nearly 8 years of pro-life advances, says Steven Mosher, head of the pro-life Population Research Institute."For one, Barack Obama has pledged to pay for abortions with our tax dollars," said Mosher. According to Mosher, Obama’s support for the Prevention First Act will not only force insurance companies and doctors, and pharmacies to dispense contraceptives, but it …

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