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Franchising Abortion and Sterilization

Think of franchises, and McDonald’s or Starbucks springs to mind. But how about franchising clinics that do abortions and sterilizations? The population control movement has thought of this too. In the developing world, so-called “reproductive health clinics” are spreading like fast food chains in America through a network of organizations that want abortion and birth control drugs as readily available as a slurpee at 7 Eleven. With their slick marketing and eye-catching logos, these population …

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Steve Mosher to Speak at World Congress of Families in Sydney

  Front Royal, VA, 4/10/13 – World Congress of Families VII will take place this May 15-18 in Sydney, Australia. This event will be the largest gathering of pro-family, advocates, activists and scholars anywhere in the world in 2013.  Speakers and organizations representing more than 80 countries will be present, including Steve Mosher, President of Population Research Institute.   “The World Congress of Families is one of the best ways to unite and energize the …

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What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement in Health Care Reform?

By twisting the arms of freshman Democrats nearly out of their sockets, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at the end of the day, managed to eke out passage of HR 3962, her health care reform bill. But her five-vote victory was so narrow that some pundits are now opining that the Senate version of the bill is dead. Don’t count on it. With the President, Pelosi and Reid all pushing for some kind of …

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PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan for Abstinence Reduction)

Of course, that’s not what PEP FAR really stands for. What it really stands for is the “President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.” But if pro-abortion members of the House of Representatives have their way, HIV/AIDS prevention programs will no longer emphasize abstinence and marital fidelity, but rather pornographic sex education, condom distribution schemes, and population control, with maybe a little sex trafficking and prostitution thrown in for good measure. Changing Character The problem is …

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PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan For Abstinence Reduction)

  18 February 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 7 Dear Colleague, It would be better if President Bush had never proposed PEPFAR, than to havethe better part of 15 billion dollars hijacked by abortion-promoting, chastity-mocking, anti-people groups like IPPF, UNFPA, and the Chinese government. If the amendments promoted by the pro-aborts are passed, a veto will be the President’s only option. Steven W. Mosher PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan For Abstinence Reduction) Of course, that’s …

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