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Why America’s Birth Rate is Still Tanking: Young Adults Postponing Marriage and the Changing Marriage Market

The birth rate in the United States is still falling and with no end in sight. Even despite robust economic growth and low unemployment over the past two years, the birth rate has not picked up. Why is this happening? In part I of this article series, we discussed the economic reasons why Americans are having fewer children. The rising costs of raising a child, the rising costs of a college education, financial uncertainty, and …

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Are We Running Out of People?

Ask anyone if the world is overpopulated, and you know what they will say. The idea that we humans are breeding ourselves to death—and taking the planet with us–is in the air that we breathe. It was drummed into us in high school biology, where we were told that the world is like a tiny “lifeboat.”  We have to lighten the load, our teachers told us, or the “lifeboat” will sink and we will all …

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Ten Great Reasons to Have Another Child

Share the PDF Version of Ten Great Reasons to Have Another Child here The Great Recession in 2008 sent American birth rates into sharp decline. The total number of births has dropped below 4 million and stayed there.  Now that economic growth is picking up again, birth rates should follow that same upward course, if history is any guide. The forces arrayed against such an American renaissance are powerful, however. The radical feminist and radical environmental …

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No Stephen Hawking, Population Growth Is Not Going to Turn Earth into a “Ball of Fire”

It’s a curious thing. At times, the most brilliant scientists and mathematicians throughout history have held some of the most preposterous beliefs. For instance, Rene Descartes, inventor of modern analytic geometry and the Cartesian plane, believed the pineal gland was the seat of the human soul. Sir Isaac Newton, the father of classical mechanics, the laws of motion, and co-discoverer of calculus, believed that one could predict the future through hidden secrets written into the …

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Japanese Government Says Shrinking Population is the “Biggest Challenge” for Economic Growth

For decades, population growth in Japan has been below replacement. Demographers have long warned that the country’s low birth rate and low immigration are unsustainable. In recent years, the population has now begun to shrink and the country’s demographic decline has become a considerable obstacle to economic growth. Many Japanese have now come to realize the seriousness of the situation. Following a decisive election victory for his party over the weekend, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo …

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PRI Review (v27, n3) July/August

China Birth Policy and Africa 1 The Bully of Asia 2 Notre Dame’s No to China 3 Book: Out of Ashes 4 Mexico City Policy Expanded 6 Another Gethsemane? 8 From the Countries 9 In the News 10 Leaving a Legacy 11 PRI Takes on OAS 12

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Hispanic Family Size in USA Shrinking

  From The Countries Hispanic Family Size in USA Shrinking While Hispanic immigrants are presently helping to bolster the U.S. birthrate, the long tradition of large Hispanic families may fast be becoming a thing of the past. Hispanic couples are starting to follow the lead of others in their new homeland and many now consider one or two children a completed family. As Hispanics become Americanized and are far away from home, the family, social …

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