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Topics: Pope Paul VI

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Saint Paul VI, Pray For US

“Pope Paul VI is a saint,” Holy Mother Church declared to the faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday October 14, 2018. Indeed he is. Saint Paul VI is beloved above all for his two historic contributions to the Church: First, he promulgated Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that announced to the world that, while the “spirit of the times” might change, the truth does not.

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PRI Review (v28, n4) July/August

Trump vs. Planned Parenthood 1 Pope Paul VI Was Right 2 Global Monitor 3 Tackling Transgenderism 4 PRI Goes to the Vatican 6 Humanae Vitae Should “Mature”? 8 Abortion in Argentina 9 PRI in the News 11 From the Countries 12

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Happy Birthday Humanae Vitae

This week we celebrate the 49th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the brave and beautiful encyclical of Blessed Paul VI promulgated on July 25, 1968. Brave? Absolutely. This eloquent articulation of the teaching of the Church and the fundamentals of the Natural Law constituted a direct challenge to what Pope Benedict has called “the spirit of the age.” And the reaction of that decadent and resentful age demonstrates just how brave it was – Francis Cardinal …

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The Synod on the Family Meets in Rome

As the Extraordinary Synod on the Family begins its deliberations in Rome, the media propaganda has subsided as the issues truly important to the faithful have come to the fore. While the Church’s teachings on the Sacrament of marriage are timeless, the challenges to these teachings vary from age to age. The virulent campaign against marriage in our own day can be traced to what Professor Charles Rice long ago called the “contraceptive mentality” – …

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Melinda Gates Wants to Help Women Around the World

Surely, Mrs. Gates would not have chosen this course if she knew the serious risks of Depo-Provera and if anyone—her Catholic parents, her Catholic high school teachers at the Ursuline Academy in Dallas or her parish priests (she attends Mass near her Medina, Washington home)—had taken the time to explain Humanae Vitae to her. This is, of course, the prophetic 1968 encyclical by Pope Paul VI that reaffirms the timeless teaching of the Church on …

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Prophecies of Humanae Vitae

On this, the anniversary of Humanae Vitae, I urge you to pray for the bishops, that they may have the courage to preach the fullness of the Truth where human sexuality is concerned. And also that you sign the petition of the Bellarmine Forum, drafted by my great friends Prof. Charles Rice and Dr. Christopher Manion, that will be sent to the bishops to encourage them. The link may be found at

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The Culture Of Life Foundation and the Rebuilding Of Our Society

  29 July 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 30 The Culture Of Life Foundation and the Rebuilding Of Our Society With the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae so recently behind us, it is worth noting the strength and courage of the pro-life movement in the United States. Yes, the ubiquitous culture of death still surrounds us daily, but more and more courageous individuals and organizations are rising to stem the tide. As …

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The Apostle of Life: Father Paul Marx, OSB

By Steven W. Mosher _ Join us in celebrating the life of our Founder and Chairman on his 60th anniversary of priestly ordination. I owe Father Marx many debts. He helped to bring me into the pro-life movement, the most important social movement in the world today. He helped to bring me to Christ and into the Catholic faith — so I owe him the debt of my soul. He taught me the link between …

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