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The Synod on the Family Meets in Rome

As the Extraordinary Synod on the Family begins its deliberations in Rome, the media propaganda has subsided as the issues truly important to the faithful have come to the fore. While the Church’s teachings on the Sacrament of marriage are timeless, the challenges to these teachings vary from age to age. The virulent campaign against marriage in our own day can be traced to what Professor Charles Rice long ago called the “contraceptive mentality” – …

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Steven Mosher to Lecture: “Family Policy Lessons from Australia: What Should America Learn?”

Join us next Friday, November 15th,  to hear our president, Mr. Steven Mosher, and other experts at a Family in America Capitol Hill Symposium as they answer the question: “Family Policy Lessons from Other Lands: What Should America Learn?” Mr. Steven Mosher will give his talk on: "Family Policy Lessons from Australia: What Should America Learn?"     While the U.S. persists in its efforts to redefine marriage and family, other nations are seeking a …

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In Francis, the Catholic Church has a Pope for Life

Secular liberals who were hoping that the new pope would compromise the age-old teachings of the Church concerning marriage and family will no doubt be disappointed to learn that Pope Francis is, after all, Catholic.  

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Traditional Family Values

My daughter told the group that the common good is to be found not in the discovery of new principles for living, but in the rediscovery of God-given truths about the importance of faith, life and family.

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New Numbers, Same Old Song

What are the population controllers to do when birth rates keep falling? Why, put pressure on the demographers in their employ to fudge the numbers, of course.

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Nancy Pelosi, Population Controller: Thwarted in her Efforts to Add Hundreds of Millions In Planned Parenthood Pork to the Stimulus Package, the Speaker Bides Her Time.

When approached about making a Christmas contribution to charity, Ebenezer Scrooge famously replied that the poor should die off “and decrease the surplus population.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with her colleagues in the House leadership, apparently believes the same thing. In the name of fiscal authority, Pelosi wants us to embark upon a population control program here at home to drive down the birth rate. She argues that increasing “family planning” spending …

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Part 1. The White Pestilence

Note: The following is excerpted from Steven Mosher’s book, Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits. Most of us grew up on a poisonous diet of overpopulation propaganda. Remember the lifeboat scenarios in high school biology, where we had to decide who we were going to push overboard, lest we all die. Recall the college class in which we were assigned to read Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, which begins with the author mournfully intoning “The battle …

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Sidelining Fathers

Shortly before we all honored our fathers on Father’s Day, the British House of Commons decided that a father is completely and totally irrelevant to a child’s development. Is A Father Figure Necessary? The legislation, which dealt with in vitro fertilization, or IVF would have included a clause requiring a fertility doctor to “consider a child’s need for a male role model before giving women IVF treatment,” according to news site This Is London. Even …

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