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Topics: National Right to Life Committee

As Elections Draw Near, PRI Releases Groundbreaking Video

As November 2nd approaches, the Population Research Institute has released a factual video about Obamacare, and how it affects abortion funding in the United States. The video is groundbreaking for a number of reasons. The video, entitled Obamacare: The Facts On Abortion, relies heavily on legal research done by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), research that details the many ways that Obamacare will lead to expanded abortion coverage across the nation. Since NRLC’s …

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Does Barack Obama Condone Infanticide, as Sarah Palin Charges?

Front Royal, VA, 10/15/08 – Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute and pro-life leader, has stated publicly that Sarah Palin is correct in accusing Barack Obama of supporting infanticide.Mosher cites Obama’s vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which was written to protect all infants born alive, including those who were born as the result of a failed abortion attempt. According to documents released by the National Right to Life Committee, Barack …

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What Mike Huckabee’s Victory in Iowa Means for Pro-Lifers

07 January 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 1 Dear Colleague, Voters in the first of the fifty states have cast their votes, and the top four Republican finishers are all, to varying degrees, pro-life. The top four Democratic finishers in Iowa, on the other hand, are all on the other side of the abortion divide. Regardless of who the nominees are, the party of life will once again face the party of abortion in the …

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Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing In Asia (

Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing in Asia By Sherry Karabin 06/13/2007  — Courtesy There is a little-known battle for survival going in some parts of the world. Those at risk are baby girls, and the casualties are in the millions each year. The weapons being used against them are prenatal sex selection, abortion and female infanticide — the systematic killing of girls soon after they are born. According to a recent …

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What Are They Thinking?

30 May 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 19 Dear Colleague, Why has the abortion movement reintroduced the Freedom of Choice Act now, when it stands little chance of passage? Steven W. Mosher President    What Are They Thinking? Even though the recent Gonzales v. Carhart decision provided only minimal protection for unborn babies, it has sparked a veritable frenzy of protest from the die-hard pro-abortion lobby.  These hardliners insist that the insurmountable “right to choose” is …

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From the Countries

America Aborted Baby 47 Million in 2005 The death of the 47-millionth unborn baby due to legal abortion occurred sometime in 2005, more than 30 years after the Supreme Court enacted Roe v, Wade in 1973. The figure and timetable were calculated using data gathered by the Guttmacher Institute since 1973 and on estimates made by the National Right to Life Committee. The Guttmacher Institute counted 898,600 abortions in 1974 (the first full year of …

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