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Topics: National Health Service

Babies by Remote Control

My long-time English friend, Ann Farmer, has just sent me an interesting article from The Telegraph (London), which tells how all of Scotland is rejoicing at the prospective pregnancy of a captive giant panda. Tests indicate that the female, named Tian Tian (“sweetie”), has conceived but that implantation—that next stage in her pregnancy—is still a few weeks away. At the same time, we have Bill and Melinda Gates, population control enthusiasts extraordinaire, feted for funding …

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Abort First, Ask Questions Later: Britain’s Problem With Sex-selection Abortion

Sex-selection abortions have been illegal in Great Britain since 1967. But that hasn’t been stopping British abortionists from performing them. A far-reaching undercover investigation carried out by the London Telegraph found that doctors, counselors and medical staff across the country were not only perfectly willing to perform sex-selective abortions, but they were even willing to forge paperwork to cover up their crime. According to The Telegraph, a counselor at a British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) …

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HillaryCare, 2.0

PRI Weekly Briefing, September 24, 2007 Vol. 9 / No. 35 24 September 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 35 Dear Colleague, To paraphrase Marx, socialism is the opiate of the intellectuals. Socialized medicine is more of the same. As in Canada and Great Britain, it would lead inevitably to government-funded abortions. Steve Mosher HillaryCare, 2.0 In 1993, Hillary Rodham Clinton, then First Lady of the United States, had a plan to revolutionize health care in …

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In the U.K., Aborting a baby is legal, Depicting it is a Crime.

May 26, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 20 Dear Colleague: The persecution of pro-lifers in the U.K. is intensifying.  Peaceful pro-life activist Edward Atkinson is going to jail for having sent a picture of an aborted baby to a hospital administrator.  He was charged with–if you can believe it–sending “offensive materials” through the mails. In the U.K., Aborting a Baby is Legal, but Depicting it is a crime Our cousins in Great Britain , from whom …

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