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Colombian Court Mulls Legalizing Abortion On Demand To 16 Weeks

It started out as a love story. He was a 25-year-old law school student and she, a 22-year-old college student. Juan Pablo Medina and Angie Tatiana Palta had been dating for 14 months in Popayán, a picturesque town in southwestern Colombia nestled in a valley between two Andean mountain ranges and known to locals as “The White City” for its many historic whitewashed colonial-era buildings.

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Euthanasia In Europe: From Horror To Hope

The tide is turning against euthanasia in Europe. Now is the time for those who value human life to press forward to ban the kind of misconceived “mercy killing” that afflicts the Netherlands.

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Pro-Life Group Decries Murder of Abortion Doctor

Front Royal, VA, 06/01/09 – The Population Research Institute (PRI), a pro-life group based in Front Royal, VA, has expressed public sorrow and strong condemnation at the shooting of prominent abortion provider George Tiller. “As members of the pro-life movement,” said PRI president, Steven Mosher, “we decry murder in all its forms, and we firmly believe that every life is to be protected. The murder of Mr. Tiller, especially in a house of worship, violates …

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