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Topics: Mitt Romney

The Battle for Life and Family Continues

Last night I watched in disbelief as a slim majority of Americans voted to give Barack Hussein Obama a second term as president, but in the clear light of morning it is clear how this debacle happened—and what the pro-life movement needs to focus on now. I do not mean to make light of the devastating hurricane that hit the northeast coast the week before the election, but it was a pure gift for the …

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Romney Solidifies Pro-Life Stance by Ryan Pick

Who is Congressman (and now Vice Presidential Candidate) Paul Ryan and what does he mean for a Romney Administration?

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What Mike Huckabee’s Victory in Iowa Means for Pro-Lifers

07 January 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 1 Dear Colleague, Voters in the first of the fifty states have cast their votes, and the top four Republican finishers are all, to varying degrees, pro-life. The top four Democratic finishers in Iowa, on the other hand, are all on the other side of the abortion divide. Regardless of who the nominees are, the party of life will once again face the party of abortion in the …

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