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Topics: men's health

Of Mice and Men: New Study Touts a Male Contraceptive

Radical feminists have long dreamed of “fixing” men, so that women could be relieved of the burden of birth control. Now comes a new study on mice purporting to show that men can be chemically neutered, supposedly without side effects. Male birth control has been the object of much research over the past few decades, but to little avail. Most of the drugs used in trials to stop sperm production also produced unfortunate side effects, …

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Rwandan Genocide Redux?

U.S.-funded groups gear up to carry out a massive sterilization campaign in this tiny African country

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Rwanda to Sterilize 700,000 Men, PRI Pledges to “Work Tirelessly” Against It

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), expressed outrage today at a clear instance of U.S. tax dollars being used to aid a coercive campaign to sterilize 700,000 Rwandan men in 3 years.

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