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World Vasectomy Day, Victory in Namibia, and a Gaffe from Gates: This Week’s Population Control News in Summary

Today, November 7, 2014, is World Vasectomy Day. Touted as a means of population control, today is the one of the few times when population controllers specifically target men and encourage them to undergo vasectomies. Population controllers are manipulating away men’s desirable ability to use self-control by promoting vasectomies. Vasectomies permanently eliminate a man’s control over whether or not to procreate. Today’s World Vasectomy Day has not been endorsed by fatherhood organizations. Instead, it’s been …

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Melinda Gates Wants to Help Women Around the World

Surely, Mrs. Gates would not have chosen this course if she knew the serious risks of Depo-Provera and if anyone—her Catholic parents, her Catholic high school teachers at the Ursuline Academy in Dallas or her parish priests (she attends Mass near her Medina, Washington home)—had taken the time to explain Humanae Vitae to her. This is, of course, the prophetic 1968 encyclical by Pope Paul VI that reaffirms the timeless teaching of the Church on …

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Population Controllers Tout New Tool: Overconsumption

When a journalist on the panel said he didn’t see “how to get the rich world to consume less,” Ramdas said: “You force it… you can force women to have less children, you can force people to consume less… Suck it up!”

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Women Deliver: Gates Global Push for Abortion Continues

The Malaysia conference highlights how to market a drug for one thing and use it for another, how euphemisms work and how it is up to government to create demand for contraception. It's being billed as "the largest global event of the decade to focus on the health and empowerment of girls and women." But it is also very obviously a conference designed to reduce populations of developing nations by promoting a Western-style sexual revolution …

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The Gates’ Family Planning Initiative: What About the Women Who Don’t Want It?

Thanks to Melinda Gates, who recently declared the “global expansion of family planning her life’s work,” the women of the developing world are going to be showered with abortifacient contraceptives. These powerful, steroidal drugs will be injected and ingested by tens of millions over the next few years, reports PRI’s undercover correspondent at the London Summit on Family Planning, doing incalculable damage to their health. Steve Mosher

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