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While China Lies About the Wuhan Flu, America Races for a Cure

The Chinese Coronavirus has now spread to a reported 150 countries.  But the rulers of the country where the pandemic started have good news:  They have, they declared, won a complete and total victory over the dangerous pathogen. On Thursday, Chinese propaganda outlets reported that there had been “no new infections of the novel coronavirus” in Wuhan, which is ground zero in the global pandemic.  As for China as a whole, they cited the National …

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Media Coverage of Catholic Relief Services Investigation

  Direct Coverage: Population Research Institute and Catholic Relief Services    7-25-2013: Population Research Institute Released the first briefing about our investigation in Madagascar: Catholic Relief Services Compromises Catholic Teaching, Promotes Population Control/Family Planning in Madagascar 7-25-2013: Population Research Institute released a press release about our breaking investigation: Catholic Relief Services Works in Family Planning “Just Like the Others” 7-26-2013: Catholic Relief Services responds to our briefing: CRS Responds to Concerns About Programs in Guinea and Madagascar …

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