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Topics: maternal death

Beijing + 15: A Planned Parenthood Planet

In the upcoming two weeks, government leaders, women’s rights activists, and noted population control organizations will gather in New York City. They have one main objective: to double the current spending “on family planning and maternal health programmes in developing nations.” Vol. 12/No. 7 A clock is ticking. As the UNFPA checks the hour, every second is to them a woman without contraception, every minute an abortion unperformed. And 2015, the deadline for the Beijing …

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The Dangers of Manual Vacuum Aspiration

June 25, 2002 Volume 4/ Number 14 Dear Colleague: One of the most common methods of abortion in the developing world is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). Not only is this method of abortion immoral, it is extremely unsafe for women. Today, the international abortion movement seeks to expand the number of abortions performed worldwide under the guise MVA “care for miscarriage.” But, as medical evidence shows, MVA—even when used for legitimate miscarriage care—is so substandard …

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