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What’s in her tetanus shot?

As women across Kenya reject their “help,” population controllers have sunk to new lows: Mass sterilizations of unsuspecting women, through a common immunization. DONATE Dear If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to make a year-end gift to the Population Research Institute (PRI), your support truly can’t wait. Recently we’ve heard from Catholic bishops in Kenya, where many women refuse to accept the birth control being pushed on them by population controllers. These women want what God …

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Never Forget June 25th: Institute remembers the 39th anniversary of 11 million sterilizations

WASHINGTON DC: Population Research Institute remembers when, thirty-nine years ago, the population controllers got their way in India. Under severe pressure from the United States and the World Bank, the-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered mass sterilizations. The campaign began on June 25th, 1975, when the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, suspended elections and civil liberties. She declared a State of Emergency, and began rounding up Dalits (untouchables) and Muslims by the millions. By the …

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President Obama’s Bizarre “Science Czar”: Dr. John P. Holdren, Professional Alarmist

President Obama’s top science advisor and I have something in common: We both have a long-term association with Paul Ehrlich, my former colleague at Stanford University. There any similarity ends, however. Holdren, who has co-authored hooks on population control with Ehrlich and his wife, is the Stanford professors ideological clone. For my part, I have long opposed the prescriptions of the infamous population bombster, and now find myself compelled to reject the almost identical views …

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