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Topics: marital fidelity

Love and HIV/AIDS

Pope Benedict understands that condoms not only cannot stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, but that they have arguably contributed to its spread. For this he is reviled by the AIDS Establishment. Catholics, however, should not fall prey to its deceits and falsifications. Anyone who is confused about whether condoms have a role in stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic need only consider the empirical evidence, by now overwhelming, that the Church has been right all along. Chastity …

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PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan for Abstinence Reduction)

Of course, that’s not what PEP FAR really stands for. What it really stands for is the “President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.” But if pro-abortion members of the House of Representatives have their way, HIV/AIDS prevention programs will no longer emphasize abstinence and marital fidelity, but rather pornographic sex education, condom distribution schemes, and population control, with maybe a little sex trafficking and prostitution thrown in for good measure. Changing Character The problem is …

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PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan For Abstinence Reduction)

  18 February 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 7 Dear Colleague, It would be better if President Bush had never proposed PEPFAR, than to havethe better part of 15 billion dollars hijacked by abortion-promoting, chastity-mocking, anti-people groups like IPPF, UNFPA, and the Chinese government. If the amendments promoted by the pro-aborts are passed, a veto will be the President’s only option. Steven W. Mosher PEPFAR (Read: Pro-Aborts Emergency Plan For Abstinence Reduction) Of course, that’s …

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