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Topics: Marie Stopes

Does the Mexico City Policy Ban Funding for Groups that Promote Abortion Abroad? Not for U.S. Groups In 2006, in the west African country of Ghana, five organizations from the United States and the U.K. formed a coalition with the singular mission of expanding access to abortion and contraception in Ghana. Included in this coalition were pro-abortion heavyweights Marie Stopes International and Ipas. The coalition also included two well-funded and well-resourced U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGOs): the Population Council and EngenderHealth. The project was benignly called Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality (or …

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PRI Review – December 26, 2019

US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet “Scientists” Advocate More Population Control Uganda Disciplines Marie Stopes International US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet Segment One Why America’s Birth Rate is Still Tanking: The Cost of Raising a Child and Lost Millennial Wealth It’s been ten years since the Great Recession ended. Yet, despite robust economic growth and low employment over the past two years, births in the United States have continued to plummet. Before the Great …

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Uganda Sanctions Marie Stopes for Faulty Condoms High-level employees working for an affiliate of the international abortion giant Marie Stopes International in Uganda have had their licenses suspended by the Ugandan government for allegedly okaying the distribution of untested condom shipments without the required prior authorization from the government. According to the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the employees allegedly gave “false information” to their staff, indicating that approval had been granted by the government to distribute the condom stocks when no …

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Young African woman holding her baby, Kenya, East Africa

Kenyan Authorities Ban Marie Stopes from Offering Abortion Services Kenyan authorities have ordered Marie Stopes Kenya to stop offering abortion services in the African country. An order issued by the Kenyan Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB) last Wednesday, November 14 bans Marie Stopes Kenya from performing abortion at any of its clinics. “Marie Stopes Kenya is hereby directed to immediately cease and desist offering any form of abortion services in all its facilities within the Republic of Kenya,” a copy of the …

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State Department Announces New Plan to Dramatically Expand Mexico City Policy, Defund Pro-Abortion Organizations

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State announced that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has approved of the new implementing guidelines for the Mexico City Policy recently reinstated by President Trump earlier this year. The State Department has retitled the policy, calling it the “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” policy. The new implementing guidelines come after President Donald Trump issued a presidential memorandum[1] on January 23rd, 2017 reinstating the Mexico City Policy, a U.S. Government …

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Marie Stopes and the Charade of “Post-Abortion Care”

  Americans may not have heard the name, Marie Stopes, but she is a household name in Britain.  The organization named after her is active in dozens of countries around the globe, including in former British colonies like Kenya and other developing countries like Madagascar.  And everywhere and always—even in countries where abortion is illegal—it not only advocates for the legalization of abortion, it actually performs abortions, usually under the guise of “post-abortion care.”   …

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