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Topics: late-term abortion

Abortion Activists Attempt to Use Zika Virus Outbreak to Legalize Abortion

The rapid spread of the Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere has many expectant mothers in hard-hit countries deeply concerned. Abortion activists have seized upon this public health crisis to argue that all unborn children who may have been exposed to the virus should be aborted. Very rarely hazardous to children or adults, Zika temporarily causes itchy rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis. In rare cases, it can cause a bout of Guillain-Barré syndrome. But recently …

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Supreme Court to Rule on the Biggest Abortion Case of the Decade

In what could be the abortion legal battle of the decade, the U.S. Supreme Court decided last Friday to weigh-in on the Texas abortion regulation law. The case will have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences for women’s health. It will determine whether the unregulated and unaccountable abortion industry will be able to continue business as usual, ignoring the health of women in pursuit of profits. The Supreme Court’s decision on the case could have a domino …

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Will Spain Abolish Abortion?

Even before Spain’s Socialist government declared abortion a women’s “right” in 2010, Spain had become known as the abortion capital of Europe. Although abortions are supposedly allowed only up to 14 weeks, this limitation is widely ignored, and women travel there from  all over the continent for gruesome, late-term abortions. The former Prime Minister, Socialist Rodriguez Zapatero, in fact, did all he could to promote abortion under all circumstances. But  those days may be coming to an end. …

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Slaughterhouse Live

Out of a Philadelphia abortuary comes a grisly tale of horror that could have been made in China. “Pennsylvania is not a third-world country,” the grand jury investigating abortionist Kermit Gosnell insists, yet the clinic he ran bears a closer resemblance to the killing fields of one-child China than to a legitimate medical facility in the U.S. In fact, the description of Gosnell’s operation contained in the grand jury report reminded me of some of …

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In Defense of Phill Kline

  25 February 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 8 Dear Colleague, Phill Kline has taken on Planned Parenthood. We must let him know that he is not alone. Steven W. Mosher IN DEFENSE OF PHILL KLINE In 2005, Planned Parenthood listed this man as one of “Seven Politicians You Don’t Want In Your Bedroom.” He has been called an “anti-abortion zealot,” and a “crusader.” He has been accused of putting his own religious convictions ahead …

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President’s Page: Time to Defund Planned Parenthood

For over three decades, Planned Parenthood has fattened at the federal trough. This year alone, over $300 million in Title X money is slated to go to the nation’s biggest abortion provider, a huge subsidy amounting to about one-third of its annual budget. The good news is that, for the first time, a major Planned Parenthood affiliate is in serious legal trouble. As a result, this funding may now be vulnerable. Charges Filed On October …

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Scandal in Spain: Late-Term Abortions

Two journalists from the London Telegraph, Daniel Foggo and Charlotte Edwards, secretly filmed Dr. Saroj Adlakha explaining how late-term abortions were performed at the Ginemedex clinic in Barcelona, Spain, giving details of real cases. Dr. Adlakha said she had taken to the clinic a British 18-year-old university student, a healthy patient who was 31.5 weeks (almost 8 months) pregnant and one of many young British women referred to the Ginemedex clinic on the recommendation of …

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