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Topics: Human Rights Watch

USAID Funding of Sterilization Camps in India

Earlier this week, we released a report outlining some of the horrors of India’s sterilization camps. We called the world’s attention to the US Agency for International Development’s complicity in coercive sterilization camps in India. Among the evidence was a report published by the OECD describing a multi-million dollar program by USAID to reduce fertility in India. USAID TIED TO “RESULTS” The OECD report also elucidates how USAID encouraged India’s sterilization quota system to develop …

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Europe’s Cultural Imperialism

23 February 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 8 Dear Colleague: The world’s left-wing cultural imperialists are pressuring Nicaraguans to allow the killing of their children, but so far, so good. Steven W. Mosher President Europe’s Cultural Imperialism Last October, Nicaragua’s congress unanimously passed a bill outlawing all abortions in that small Central American nation.  Nicaragua’s then-president signed it into law, and the current president supports it. In fact, the current president announced his support for …

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