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Topics: Human Rights Campaign

Pro-Life Politics

6 October 2006     Volume 8 / Number 37 Dear Colleague: What’s a pro-lifer to do when both candidates for a U.S. Senate seat claim to be pro-life?  Read the fine print, of course. Pro-Life Politics Pro-life Americans should want both major political parties?-and all the minor ones?-to commit themselves firmly to the Culture of Life, and particularly to the protection of unborn children.  We should have in this country what we used to have: A pro-life consensus in …

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Homofascists March On

May 10, 2006 Volume. 8 / Number 19 Homofascists March On Dear Colleague: As the homosexual “rights” movement gains ground, it seeks to silence the opposition. Steven W. Mosher President          When Nazis are talked about today, there is usually no mention of certain of their prominent aspects. Of course, those aspects which don’t fit into the politically correct view of history are those which get no mention. So you rarely hear of the Nazis’ …

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