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Topics: global fertility rate

On the Anniversary of the Cairo Conference, Clinton’s Rhetoric Masks an Anti-Life Agenda

As Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton has been doing everything she can to promote abortion overseas, all in the name of “reproductive health.” 18 January 2010 — Vol. 12/No. 2 Are you in favor of injustice? Increased disease? More poverty? Those who oppose her “reproductive health” programs probably are, according to Hillary Clinton. The 15th Anniversary International Conference on Population and Development was held on January 8th, and the U.S. Secretary of State was the …

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Evidence that the abortion-minded are ecstatic over the accession of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency is all over the news. Population control advocates, in particular, are thrilled that Obama will clamp down on global birth rates (at the same time that he restores economic prosperity, creates millions of new jobs, and single-handedly carves his face on Mt. Rushmore beside that of Abraham Lincoln, mind you). Those fixated-upon-the-numbers types are an odd lot. Take David …

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