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Topics: Gender Equality

Aborting Indian Democracy

Poll taxes, property requirements, and race and gender-based voting prohibitions codified thinly disguised discrimination in darker periods in United States history. Today, in the world’s largest democracy, local laws restrict political participation to people who have two or fewer children. Seven Indian states currently prohibit those with more than two children from holding local political office.[1] These laws allow persons who had more than two children before the law’s enactment to hold office. Any additional …

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The UN Continues to Push a Radical Abortion Agenda

The new UN report on women makes for grim reading, if you can decipher it. The reason that you may have trouble doing so is that the report, called the World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014: Gender Equality and Sustainable Development, is written in a kind of code. Words and expressions are used that sound reasonable—what could be wrong with “gender equality,” for example?—but which, in the femspeak used by the …

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Fear GEAR: A United Nations Effort to Enforce Gender Equality

GEAR is short for the Gender Architecture Reform Campaign, whose goal is to establish a new radical feminist superagency with a billion-dollar budget. Vol. 12/No. 8 Going up to New York for the Beijing + 15 meeting at the U.N., I expected to be on the hunt for the hidden agenda behind dull, bureaucratic rhetoric. But attending the 54th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), I found that this year’s radical …

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For the Record…

“Population control organizations, in particular the United Nations, are ignoring the growing crisis of an aging world population, said Joseph D’Agostino, Vice President of the Population Research Institute, in a weekly briefing today… “‘The UNDP [United Nations Population Division] expects the aging, predicted to begin in earnest mid-century in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, to happen more dramatically than it is happening now in Europe, where the elderly already out-number children — and …

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World Population Aging 2006

July 20, 2006 Volume 8, Number 28 World Population Aging 2006 Dear Colleague: World Population Day 2006 witnessed calls for more of the same globally destructive programs. Steven W. Mosher President Few of you likely noticed, but July 11 was World Population Day 2006. On that day, the United Nations, its various agencies and allied organizations, and those in the mainstream media who cared celebrated the need for fewer human beings and more left-wing social …

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