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Topics: foreign affairs

While China Lies About the Wuhan Flu, America Races for a Cure

The Chinese Coronavirus has now spread to a reported 150 countries.  But the rulers of the country where the pandemic started have good news:  They have, they declared, won a complete and total victory over the dangerous pathogen. On Thursday, Chinese propaganda outlets reported that there had been “no new infections of the novel coronavirus” in Wuhan, which is ground zero in the global pandemic.  As for China as a whole, they cited the National …

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Depopulation Fears in /Foreign Affairs/ (of all places!)

Foreign Affairs is the flagship publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is no friend of the pro-life movement, limited government, national sovereignty, religious belief, or a host of other things we hold dear. From the beginning, it has contributed its share of overpopulation myth-making, all the while calling for national and — especially — international responses to this “crisis caused by our burgeoning numbers.” Depopulation Concern It is, in short, a most unlikely …

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China’s Role in Osama bin Laden’s ‘Holy War’ On America

September 19, 2001 Volume 3/ Number 23 Dear Colleague: President Bush has declared that we will deal with those nations that shelter terrorists exactly as we deal with the terrorists themselves. But what of nations that transfer key military technology and even weapons of mass destruction to these same “terrorist” states? As the Taliban embraces Osama bin Laden-and braces for war with the United States-disturbing evidence of ties between the Taliban and Beijing begins to …

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